Hawks in Schools!

This week the leader of the Hawks In Schools program came to our school. His name was Michael Kelly, he doesn’t actually play football for the Hawthorn Football Club, but he was the one who went to lots of different schools around Melbourne to teach people how to have a good nutrition. When he came I learned that children have to drink at least five cups of water a day, and you have to at least do 60 minutes (one hour) of an outdoor sport. I also learnt that you have to have a lot of sleep and not go to bed to late, and that when you go to school you have to have a healthy lunchbox. The last thing I learnt was that at home you have to keep on eating your vegetables. I had a fun time on learning how to stay hydrated and eat healthy.





This week two people came to our school to teach us some skills about Aussie Rules football. The two boys names were Sean and Adam. First Sean and Adam told us a bit about there self’s. They both played for EFL teams, and they both played for Eastern Ranges. The skills I learnt was how to pick up the football properly with two hands, and I also learnt how to kick the ball properly with both feet.  When you pick the ball I learnt that you have to put your preferred foot beside the ball, and put both of your hands next to the ball and pick it up. When you kick the I learnt that you have to point the ball down, and point your foot to where you want to kick it and then kick to your target. My favourite part of the day was learning to pick the ball up. I hope you enjoyed listening about my fun day.

My learning

This week I have learnt how to draw an optical illusion (a 3D hand) on a piece of paper. click on this link below to watch a tutorial on how to do it: //www.youtube.com/watch?v=AhUbtH01mAY This is what it should look like when it’s done. the point of the illusion is that the hand should be sticking out. It doesn’t matter if you make mistakes… I made about ten.


My passion

Hello everyone today I am going to tell you about my passion. My passion is to play sports, I play football for zebras, cricket for zebras, basketball for kangas, and I play football for my school. I support North Melbourne kangaroos in AFL, Melbourne stars in the cricket, and Chicago bulls in the NBA. My favourite player out of all of those sports is a basketball player called Michael Jordan from the Chicago bulls. Do you support a team, or have a favourite player?

crossy road


Crossy Road is a really fun game to play. Crossy road is an ios game (apple device) that can be downloaded on the app store. The aim of the game is to cross as many roads, train tracks or fields, you can simply cross these things by tapping the screen. You can also unlock a variety of characters by paying with iTunes money, or by buying a prize with game money. When you download Crossy Road it also comes with a free screen recorder so you can share your videos playing Crossy Road. For this game I find it very fun and addictive do you think you’ll find the game fun?

about me

Hello world I’m Liam, and I’m going to tell you about myself. First of all I like sport , I like footy, basketball, cricket, and I also like running. I play each of these sports at a club (except running). One of my other favourite things to do is watch TV. My favourite TV shows at the moment are Adventure time, and Regular show. My favourite movie is Paper Planes. I have a brother and sister one older than me and one younger than me.

I also like the games Crossy Road, Minecraft, Card Wars and I like to play downball. The food I like are pizza, fish and chips, cake, McDonalds, lollies, ice cream, (most desserts), and cookies. The sport teams I support are Chicago Bulls (basketball), Kangaroos (AFL), Melbourne United (basketball), Melbourne Stars (cricket). I hope that you enjoyed learning about me!